Übersetzung von “spin” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbspin /spɪn/ ( spinning pt pp spun )
transitive-intransitive to turn around quickly
faire tourner

The car spun around on the wet road.
La voiture a fait un tête-à-queue sur la route mouillée.

Spin the wheel and see what number comes up.
Faites tourner la roue et voyez quel numéro sort.
transitive (of a spider) to make special thread from its body
tisser , filer

a spider spinning its web
une araignée tissant/filant sa toile
transitive (of a politician) to explain a situation or event in a way that favors a particular viewpoint
présenter (de manière tendancieuse) , manipuler

Let's see how the Democrats spin this one.
Voyons comment les démocrates vont présenter celui-ci.
transitive to make thread for cloth
tisser , filer

machines that spin cotton
des machines qui tissent/filent le coton


nounspin /spɪn/
countable a fast turning movement
tour masculine

The truck went into a spin.
Le camion a fait un tête-à-queue.

a spin of the wheel
un tour de la roue
uncountable explanations of situations or events that favor a particular political viewpoint
manipulation feminine , présentation feminine tendancieuse

spin from the politicians on TV
la manipulation exercée / présentation tendancieuse faite par les politiciens à la télé

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verb /spin/ (present participle spinning, past tense, past participle spun /span/)

to (cause to) go round and round rapidly

tournoyer; (faire) tourner
She spun round in surprise
He spun the revolving door round and round.

to form threads from (wool, cotton etc) by drawing out and twisting

The old woman was spinning (wool) in the corner of the room.
spinner noun

a person or thing that spins.

fileur/-euse; essoreuse
spin-drier noun

a machine which dries clothes by spinning them round and round and forcing the water out of them.

spin out

to cause to last a long or longer time

faire durer
He spun out his speech for an extra five minutes.



a ride, especially on wheels

After lunch we went for a spin in my new car.

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