Übersetzung von “spirit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounspirit /ˈspɪrɪt/
countable =soul; the part of a person that is believed to go on living after death
esprit masculine

the spirits of the dead
les esprits des morts
uncountable an energetic and enthusiastic attitude
esprit masculine , entrain masculine , fougue feminine

a young horse with a lot of spirit
un jeune cheval qui a beaucoup de fougue

school/team spirit
esprit potache / d'équipe
singular a feeling that characterizes or shapes a situation
esprit masculine

the spirit of cooperation between the countries
l'esprit de coopération entre les pays
plural sb's mood
humeur feminine , moral masculine

The team was in high/low spirits.
L'équipe était de bonne humeur / n'avait pas le moral.

My friends helped to keep my spirits up.
Mes amis m'ont aidé à garder le moral.
uncountable a general idea, rather than specific words
esprit masculine

His decisions reflect the spirit of the law.
Ses décisions reflètent l'esprit de la loi.
countable a being with magical powers
esprit masculine

She believed evil spirits were to blame.
Elle croyait que la faute incombait aux esprits du mal.

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noun /ˈspirit/

a principle or emotion which makes someone act

The spirit of kindness seems to be lacking in the world nowadays.

a person’s mind, will, personality etc thought of as distinct from the body, or as remaining alive eg as a ghost when the body dies

esprit; (adj.) des esprits
Our great leader may be dead, but his spirit still lives on
(also adjective) the spirit world
Evil spirits have taken possession of him.

liveliness; courage

He acted with spirit.
spirited adjective

full of courage or liveliness

fougueux; plein de verve
a spirited attack/description.
spiritedly adverb

avec verve
spirits noun plural

a person’s mood

humeur; moral
He’s in good/high/low spirits (= He’s happy / very cheerful / depressed)
This news may raise his spirits.

strong alcoholic drink, eg whisky, gin, vodka etc.

spiritual /-tʃul/ adjective

of one’s spirit or soul, or of one’s religious beliefs

a spiritual leader.
spiritually adverb

spirit level

a tool consisting of a bar containing a glass tube of liquid, for testing whether a surface is level.

niveau à bulle

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