Übersetzung von “spite” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounspite /spaɪt/
in spite of
=despite; although sth else has happened or is true
en dépit de

I believed him, in spite of the fact that he had lied before.
Je le croyais en dépit du fait qu'il avait menti auparavant.
uncountable a feeling of wanting to upset sb
malveillance feminine

She's telling lies about me out of spite.
Elle raconte des mensonges sur moi par malveillance.

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noun /spait/

ill-will or desire to hurt or offend

She neglected to give him the message out of spite.
spiteful adjective

a spiteful remark/person
You’re being very spiteful.
spitefully adverb

par rancune
spitefulness noun

in spite of

taking no notice of

He went in spite of his father’s orders.

although something has or had happened, is or was a fact etc

In spite of all the rain that had fallen, the ground was still pretty dry.

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