Übersetzung von “splash” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsplash /splæʃ/
transitive-intransitive (of liquid) to move and make a sound
clapoter , éclabousser

water splashing against the rocks
l'eau clapotant contre les rochers

They splashed pool water at each other.
Ils se sont éclabousés avec l'eau de la piscine.
intransitive to move through liquid so that it makes a noise

kids splashing in puddles
des enfants pataugeant dans les flaques


noun countablesplash /splæʃ/
the sound of liquid moving
plouf masculine , clapotement masculine

The fish landed with a splash.
Le poisson retomba avec un plouf.
informal a small amount
goutte feminine , touche feminine

Add some flowers for a splash of color.
Ajoutez quelques fleurs pour une touche de couleur.

a splash of hot sauce
une goutte de sauce épicée

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verb /splӕʃ/

to make wet with drops of liquid, mud etc, especially suddenly and accidentally

A passing car splashed my coat (with water).

to (cause to) fly about in drops

faire des éclaboussures
Water splashed everywhere.

to fall or move with splashes

The children were splashing in the sea.

to display etc in a place, manner etc that will be noticed

Posters advertising the concert were splashed all over the wall.



a mark made by splashing

There was a splash of mud on her dress.

a bright patch

a splash of colour.

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