Übersetzung von “spoil” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbspoil /spɔɪl/ ( Brit pt pp spoiled or spoilt )
transitive to cause sth good to become bad or unpleasant
gâcher , contrarier

His comment spoiled the whole evening.
Sa remarque a gâché toute la soirée.

Police spoiled the thieves' plans.
Les policiers ont contrarié les plans des voleurs.
transitive to treat sb too well so they complain if they do not receive good treatment all the time
être gâté/-ée

We have been spoiled by low gas prices in the past.
Nous avons bénéficié de prix du gaz peu élevés dans le passé.
intransitive (of food) to become moldy or rotten
(se) gâter , pourrir

The cheese spoiled in the heat.
Le fromage a moisi à la chaleur.

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verb /spoil/ (past tense, past participles spoiled, spoilt /-t/)

to damage or ruin; to make bad or useless

If you touch that drawing you’ll spoil it.

to give (a child etc) too much of what he wants and possibly make his character, behaviour etc worse by doing so

They spoil that child dreadfully and she’s becoming unbearable!
spoils noun plural

profits or rewards

bénéfices, butin
the spoils of war
the spoils of success.
spoilt adjective

He’s a very spoilt child!
spoilsport noun

a person who spoils, or refuses to join in, the fun of others

Don’t be such a spoilsport!

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