Übersetzung von “spot” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablespot /spɒt/
a particular area
endroit masculine , coin masculine

a good spot for a picnic
un bon coin pour un pique-nique

A school now stands on the spot where our house was.
Une école se dresse maintenant à l'endroit où était notre maison.

a parking spot
un parking
a dirty mark on cloth
tache feminine

grease spots on his shirt
des taches de graisse sur sa chemise
a small area that looks or feels different from the area around it
tache feminine , bouton masculine

spots on the salamander's back
les taches sur le dos de la salamandre

a rough spot on my skin
un bouton rugueux sur ma peau

a spot of color in her pale cheeks
un peu de couleur sur ses joues pâles
Brit circles that decorate sth
pois masculine

a dark blouse with white spots
un chemisier foncé à pois blancs
on the spot
done where sth is happening now
sur place

He fixed the hole in the tire on the spot.
Il a réparé le trou dans le pneu sur place.
done where sth is happening now
sur place

He fixed the hole in the tire on the spot.
Il a réparé le trou dans le pneu sur place.
put sb on the spot
to embarrass by asking a difficult question
mettre qqn en difficulté

One reporter tried to put the president on the spot.
Un journaliste a essayé de mettre le président en difficulté.


verb transitivespot /spɒt/ ( spotting, spotted )
to see sb or sth that is difficult to see
apercevoir , repérer

We spotted Ian in the crowd.
Nous avons aperçu Ian dans la foule.

They spotted one of the lions from the air.
Ils ont repéré l'un des lions de l'avion.

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noun /spot/

a small mark or stain (made by mud, paint etc)

She was trying to remove a spot of grease from her skirt.

a small, round mark of a different colour from its background

His tie was blue with white spots.

a pimple or red mark on the skin caused by an illness etc

She had measles and was covered in spots.

a place or small area, especially the exact place (where something happened etc)

There was a large number of detectives gathered at the spot where the body had been found.

a small amount

un peu de
Can I borrow a spot of sugar?
spotless adjective

very clean

a spotless kitchen.
spotlessly adverb

d’une propreté impeccable
spotlessness noun

propreté impeccable
spotted adjective

marked or covered with spots

taché; à pois
Her dress was spotted with grease
a spotted tie.
spotty adjective

(of people) covered with spots

a spotty face / young man.
spottiness noun

caractère tacheté/inégal
spot check

an inspection made without warning, especially on items chosen at random from a group

We only found out about the flaw during a spot check on goods leaving the factory.
spotlight noun

(a lamp for projecting) a circle of light that is thrown on to a small area

The actor was lit by a single spotlight in the middle of the stage.
in a spot

in trouble

dans le pétrin
His failure to return the papers on time put her in a spot.
on the spot

at once

sur le champ; immédiat
She liked it so much that she bought it on the spot
(also adjective) an on-the-spot decision.

in the exact place referred to; in the place where one is needed

sur place
It was a good thing you were on the spot when he had his heart attack
(also adjective) tour on-the-spot reporter.

(especially with put) in a dangerous, difficult or embarrassing position

dans une situation embarrassante
The interviewer’s questions really put the Prime Minister on the spot.
spot on

very accurate or exactly on the target

dans le mille
His description of Mary was spot on!


verb (past tense, past participle spotted)

to recognize or pick out

No-one watching the play was able to spot the murderer.


verb (past tense, past participle spotlit, spotlighted)

to show up clearly or draw attention to

mettre en vedette
The incident spotlighted the difficulties with which we were faced.

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