Übersetzung von “spray” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivespray /spreɪ/
to force liquid out of sth to cover an area, or to cover an area in this way
jaillir , asperger , vaporiser

Water sprayed from the hose.
L'eau a jailli du tuyau.

Spray the furniture with the polish.
Arspergez les meubles de cire.

Spray the polish on the furniture.
Vaporisez la cire sur les meubles.


nounspray /spreɪ/
countable-uncountable a liquid substance forced out of a container in tiny drops
produit masculine en bombe/aérosol/spray

bug spray
produit insecticide en bombe

The sunscreen is a spray.
L'écran solaire est un aérosol/spray.
countable-uncountable many small drops of liquid that are forced through the air
goutelettes feminine plural , embruns masculine plural

spray from a passing boat
les embruns projetés par un bateau qui passe
countable Brit an act of spraying
vaporisation feminine

a spray of perfume
une vaporisation de parfum

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noun /sprei/

a fine mist of small flying drops (of water etc) such as that given out by a waterfall

(nuage de) gouttelettes; pulvérisation
The perfume came out of the bottle in a fine spray.

a device with many small holes, or other instrument, for producing a fine mist of liquid

bombe aérosol
She used a spray to rinse her hair.

a liquid for spraying

bombe (d’insecticide)
He bought a can of fly-spray.



to cover with a mist or with fine jets of liquid

faire des pulvérisations (sur)
He sprayed the roses to kill pests.

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