Die Übersetzung von "spring" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /spriŋ/ (past tense sprang /spraŋ/, past participle sprung /spraŋ/)

to jump, leap or move swiftly (usually upwards)

sauter, bondir
She sprang into the boat.

to arise or result from

découler de
His bravery springs from his love of adventure.

to (cause a trap to) close violently

(se) refermer brusquement
The trap must have sprung when the hare stepped in it.
springy adjective

able to spring back into its former shape

élastique, souple
The grass is very springy.

having spring

These floorboards are springy.
springiness noun

sprung /sprŋa/ adjective

having springs

à ressorts
a sprung mattress.
springboard noun

a springy type of diving-board.


a board on which gymnasts jump before vaulting.

spring cleaning

thorough cleaning of a house etc especially in spring

grand nettoyage de printemps
This place is in need of some spring cleaning.
springtime noun

the season of spring.

spring up

to develop or appear suddenly

surgir brusquement
New buildings are springing up everywhere.

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