Übersetzung von “squeeze” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsqueeze /skwiz/
transitive-intransitive to press between two things
serrer , presser , appuyer

She held my hand and squeezed it.
Elle me tenait la main et la serrait.

She squeezed and got a little juice from the lemon.
Elle a appuyé et a extrait un peu de jus du citron.
transitive to cause sth to comes out by pressing
faire sortir en pressant

He squeezed some toothpaste out.
Il a fait sortir du dentifrice en pressant le tube.
transitive to push or be pushed into a small space
(se) glisser

He squeezed between two friends on the bench.
Il s'est glissé entre deux amis sur le banc.
transitive to make things financially difficult

an economy that is squeezing the middle class
une économie qui comprime la classe moyenne

squeeze in

verb phrasalsqueeze in [ ˈskwiz ˈɪn ]
to fit an event, meeting, etc. into a schedule

The doctor can squeeze you in at 2:00.
Le docteur peut vous caser à 14h.


nounsqueeze /skwiz/
countable an act of pressing sth between two things
pression feminine , serrement masculine

He gave her hand a squeeze.
Il lui serra la main.
countable liquid that comes out when you squeeze sth
un peu de

a squeeze of orange juice
un peu de jus d'orange
singular a situation in which there is not quite enough space
fait masculine d'être serrés/-ées

It was a tight squeeze with four in the back of the car.
On était serrés comme des sardines à quatre à l'arrière de la voiture.
singular financial or economic difficulty
pression feminine

New taxes have put a squeeze on the industry.
Les nouvelles taxes ont fait pression sur l'industrie.

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verb /skwiːz/

to press (something) together or from all sides tightly

He squeezed her hand affectionately
He squeezed the clay into a ball.

to force (eg oneself) eg into or through a narrow space

The dog squeezed himself / his body into the hole
We were all squeezed into the back seat of the car.

to force something, eg liquid, out of something by pressing

She squeezed the oranges (into a jug)
We might be able to squeeze some more money/information out of him.
squeezer noun

an instrument for squeezing

a lemon squeezer.
squeeze up

to move closer together

se serrer
Could you all squeeze up on the bench and make room for me?



a condition of being squeezed

We all got into the car, but it was a squeeze.

a few drops produced by squeezing

quelques gouttes de
a squeeze of lemon juice.

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