Übersetzung von “stall” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablestall /stɔl/
a walled area for a farm animal in a barn
stalle feminine

pigs in their stalls
les cochons dans leurs stalles
a table or other structure for displaying goods that are for sale
étal masculine

She sells fruit from her market stall.
Elle vend des fruits sur son étal.
a walled area that contains a shower or toilet
cabine feminine

the stalls in a public bathroom
les cabines dans des toilettes publiques


verb transitive-intransitivestall /stɔl/
to stop or delay
bloquer , être au point mort

The negotiations have stalled.
Les négociations sont au point mort.

Lack of equipment has stalled the building work.
Le manque de matériel a bloqué les travaux de construction.
(of an engine) to stop working suddenly, or to make an engine stop

The plane's engine stalled.
Le moteur de l'avion a calé.

I kept stalling it as I tried to start.
Je n'arrêtais pas de caler tandis que j'essayais de démarrer.
to cause delays in order to gain time
faire patienter , temporiser

Stall her until I get there.
Fais-la patienter jusqu'à ce que j'arrive.

I could tell she was stalling.
Je savais qu'elle temporisait.

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noun /stoːl/

a compartment in a cowshed etc


a small shop or a counter or table on which goods are displayed for sale

éventaire, étalage
He bought a newspaper at the bookstall on the station
traders’ stalls.
stalls noun plural

(often with the) in a theatre, the seats on the ground floor

(fauteuil d’)orchestre
I always sit in the stalls.


verb /stoːl/

(of a car etc or its engine) to stop suddenly through lack of power, braking too quickly etc

The car stalled when I was halfway up the hill.

(of an aircraft) to lose speed while flying and so go out of control

The plane stalled just after take-off and crashed on to the runway.

to cause (a car etc, or aircraft) to do this

Use the brake gently or you’ll stall the engine.


verb /stoːl/

to avoid making a definite decision in order to give oneself more time

They appear to be stalling on making a decision.

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