Übersetzung von “stamp” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablestamp /stæmp/
=postage stamp; an official mark or picture in the corner of a letter to show that postage has been paid
timbre masculine

a first class stamp
un timbre au tarif normal
a small tool that makes a special mark when you put ink on it and push it onto paper
tampon masculine

a stamp with her initials
un tampon avec ses initiales
the mark a stamp makes
cachet masculine

a letter with the college's official stamp on it
une lettre portant le cachet officiel de l'université
stamp of approval
sth that shows that sb likes sth
aval masculine

My boyfriend received my parents' stamp of approval.
Mon petit ami a reçu l'aval de mes parents.


verbstamp /stæmp/
transitive to put a mark on sth using a stamp

Did they stamp your passport?
Ont-ils tamponné ton passeport ?
transitive-intransitive to put your foot down hard
piétiner , trépigner

The elephants stamped and trumpeted.
Les éléphants piétinaient et barrissaient.

She stamped her foot and cried.
Elle trépignait et elle pleurait.
intransitive to walk by putting your feet down hard
taper du pied

We stamped around trying to get warm.
Nous tapions du pied, essayant de nous réchauffer.

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verb /stӕmp/

to bring (the foot) down with force (on the ground)

taper du pied sur
He stamped his foot with rage
She stamped on the insect.

to print or mark on to

He stamped the date at the top of his letter
The oranges were all stamped with the exporter’s name.

to stick a postage stamp on (a letter etc)

I’ve addressed the envelope but haven’t stamped it.
stamp out

to put out or extinguish (a fire) by stamping on it

éteindre en piétinant
She stamped out the remains of the fire.

to crush (a rebellion etc)

The regime are always quick to stamp out any form of protest.



the instrument used to stamp a design etc on a surface

He marked the date on the bill with a rubber date-stamp.

a postage stamp

He stuck the stamps on the parcel
He collects foreign stamps.

a design etc made by stamping

All the goods bore the manufacturer’s stamp.

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