Die Übersetzung von "standard" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈstӕndəd/

something used as a basis of measurement

The kilogram is the international standard of weight.

a basis for judging quality, or a level of excellence aimed at, required or achieved

You can’t judge an amateur artist’s work by the same standards as you would judge that of a trained artist
high standards of behaviour
His performance did not reach the required standard.

a flag or carved figure etc fixed to a pole and carried eg at the front of an army going into battle.

pavillon; étendard
standardize verb ( standardise)

to make or keep (eg products) of one size, shape etc for the sake of convenience etc

The company’s job descriptions have been standardized.
standardization noun ( standardisation)

standard-bearer noun

a person who carries a standard or banner.

be up to / below standard

to (fail to) achieve the required standard

(n’)être (pas) à la hauteur
Her work is well up to standard.
standard of living

the level of comfort and welfare achieved in any particular society

niveau de vie
The family enjoys a comfortable standard of living.

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