Übersetzung von “stay” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivestay /steɪ/
to remain in a place

Stay here while I go look for them.
Reste ici pendant que je vais les chercher.
to not change state or condition

If it stays nice this afternoon, we could go to the park.
S'il continue à faire beau cet après-midi, nous pourrions aller au parc.

Eat well and stay healthy.
Mange bien et reste en bonne santé.
to sleep at a place

She stayed with us for a few nights.
Elle est restée chez nous quelques nuits.
stay the night
rester pour la nuit

She was staying the night at her grandmother's.
Elle restait dormir chez sa grand-mère.

stay behind

verb phrasalstay behind [ ˈsteɪ bɪˈhaɪnd ]
to remain in place when others have left
rester (en arrière)

She stayed behind to help the teacher.
Elle est restée pour aider le professeur.

stay in

verb phrasalstay in [ ˈsteɪ ˈɪn ]
to remain at home
rester à la maison

I'm staying in to watch TV.
Je reste à la maison pour regarder la télé.

stay on

verb phrasalstay on [ ˈsteɪ ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to not leave a job, school, etc.

He's been asked to stay on until they find a replacement.
Ils lui ont demandé de rester jusqu'à ce qu'ils trouvent un remplaçant.

stay out

verb phrasalstay out [ ˈsteɪ ˈaʊt ]
to not go back home
rester dehors

Don't stay out too late.
Ne reste pas dehors trop tard.

stay over

verb phrasalstay over [ ˈsteɪ ˈoʊvər ]
to sleep at someone else's home
rester (chez qqn)

Did you let him stay over?
Est-ce que tu l'as laissé rester chez toi ?

stay up

verb phrasalstay up [ ˈsteɪ ˈʌp ]
to not go to bed
rester debout

Even the kids stayed up till midnight.
Même les enfants sont restés debout jusqu'à minuit.


noun countablestay /steɪ/
a period of time you spend somewhere
séjour masculine

We hope you had a pleasant stay at the hotel.
Nous espérons que vous avez passé un agréable séjour à l'hôtel.

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verb /stei/

to remain (in a place) for a time, eg while travelling, or as a guest etc

We stayed three nights at that hotel / with a friend / in Paris
Aunt Mary is coming to stay (for a fortnight)
Would you like to stay for supper?
Stay and watch that television programme.

to remain (in a particular position, place, state or condition)

The doctor told her to stay in bed
He never stays long in any job
Stay away from the office till your cold is better
Why won’t these socks stay up?
Stay where you are – don’t move!
In 1900, people didn’t realize that motor cars were here to stay.
stay behind

to remain in a place after others have left it

They all left the office at five o’clock, but he stayed behind to finish some work.
stay in

to remain in one’s house etc and not go out of doors

rester chez soi
I’m staying in tonight to watch television.
stay out

to remain out of doors and not return to one’s house etc

rester dehors
The children mustn’t stay out after 9 p.m.
stay put

to remain where placed

rester tranquille
Once a child can crawl, he won’t stay put for long.
stay up

not to go to bed

The children wanted to stay up and watch television.

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