Übersetzung von “stick” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbstick /stɪk/ ( pt pp stuck )
transitive-intransitive (of sth sharp or pointed) to go into or make go into
(se) planter

Stick the needle through the cloth.
Piquez l'aiguille dans le tissu.

The buckle of his belt was sticking into his stomach.
La boucle de sa ceinture se plantait dans son ventre.
transitive informal to put somewhere quickly
mettre , informal fourrer , plonger

Stick these in your pocket.
Mets ça dans ta poche.

He stuck his fist into the box.
Il a plongé son poing dans la caisse.
transitive-intransitive to attach, especially with glue
coller , tenir

The hook sticks to the wall when you peel the back off.
Le crochet tient au mur quand on enlève l'arrière.

Carefully stick your pictures in place.
Collez soigneusement les photos en place.
intransitive to become fixed in one position
se bloquer

The window sticks, so push hard.
La fenêtre se bloque, alors pousse fort.

stick around

verb phrasalstick around [ ˈstɪk əˈraʊnd ] informal
to stay somewhere
rester (dans les parages)

I'll stick around for a few minutes.
Je vais rester dans les parages pendant quelques minutes.

stick at

verb phrasalstick at [ ˈstɪk ˌæt ]
Brit to continue despite difficulties

You'll improve if you stick at it.
Tu vas t'améliorer si tu persévères.

stick by

verb phrasalstick by [ ˈstɪk ˌbaɪ ]
to continue to give support

He stuck by me even through my illness.
Il m'a soutenu même pendant ma maladie.

stick out

verb phrasalstick out [ ˈstɪk ˈaʊt ]
to extend beyond the edge
dépasser , tendre , s'étendre

Your wallet is sticking out of your pocket.
Ton portefeuille dépasse de ta poche.

land sticking out into the water
les terres s'étendant / avançant dans l'eau

Stick both your arms out like this.
Tendez les deux bras comme ceci.
to be very noticeable
faire remarquer

I always felt my red hair made me stick out.
J'ai toujours eu l'impression que mes cheveux roux me faisaient remarquer.
stick it out
to continue to the end despite difficulties
tenir bon

I stuck it out, even though I hated it.
J'ai tenu bon même si je détestais ça.

stick to

verb phrasalstick to [ ˈstɪk ˌtu, tə ]
to keep doing or having and not change
en rester à

I'll stick to my first choice.
Je vais en rester à mon premier choix.

stick together

verb phrasalstick together [ ˈstɪk təˈgɛðər ]
(of people) to not leave each other
rester ensemble

You'll be safer if you all stick together.
Vous serez plus en sécurité si vous restez ensemble.

stick up

verb phrasalstick up [ ˈstɪk ˈʌp ]
to point upward
se dresser

Your hair's sticking up in the back.
Tes cheveux se dressent à l'arrière.

stick up for

verb phrasalstick up for [ ˈstɪk ˈʌp ˌfɔr, fər ]
to argue in support of
prendre la défense de

Your friends will stick up for you.
Vos amis prendront votre défense.

stick with

verb phrasalstick with [ ˈstɪk ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð ]
to continue with and not change

Should I stick with this layout or try something new?
Est-ce que je dois garder cette disposition ou essayer quelque chose de nouveau ?


noun countablestick /stɪk/
a long thin piece of wood
bâton masculine

Throw the stick and the dog will fetch it.
Jette ce bâton et le chien ira le chercher.
a long thin piece of sth
bâtonnet masculine

sticks of carrot and celery
des bâtonnets de carotte et de céleri
a cane to help you walk
canne feminine

The old man waved his stick in the air.
Le vieil homme brandit sa canne en l'air.

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verb /stik/ (past tense, past participle stuck /stak/)

to push (something sharp or pointed) into or through something

She stuck a pin through the papers to hold them together
Stop sticking your elbow into me!

(of something pointed) to be pushed into or through something

Two arrows were sticking in his back.

to fasten or be fastened (by glue, gum etc)

He licked the flap of the envelope and stuck it down
These labels don’t stick very well
He stuck (the broken pieces of) the vase together again
His brothers used to call him Bonzo and the name has stuck.

to (cause to) become fixed and unable to move or progress

se coincer
The car stuck in the mud
The cupboard door has stuck
I’ll help you with your arithmetic if you’re stuck.
sticker noun

an adhesive label or sign bearing eg a design, political message etc, for sticking eg on a car’s window etc

The car sticker read ‘Blood donors needed’.
sticky adjective

able, or likely, to stick or adhere to other surfaces

He mended the torn book with sticky tape
sticky sweets.

(of a situation or person) difficult; awkward.

stickily adverb

de manière collante
stickiness noun

caractère collant
stick-in-the-mud noun

a person who never does anything new.

come to a sticky end

to have an unpleasant fate or death

finir mal
The baddie in the film comes to a sticky end when he is eaten by sharks.
stick at

to persevere with (work etc)

s’acharner à
He must learn to stick at his job.
stick by

to support or be loyal to (a person)

His friends stuck by him when he was in trouble.
stick it out

to endure a situation for as long as necessary.

tenir le coup
stick out

to (cause to) project; His front teeth stick out ; He stuck out his tongue.

(se) sortir

to be noticeable

She has red hair that sticks out in a crowd.
stick one’s neck out

to take a risk

trop s’avancer
He stuck his neck out when he complained to the manager about the working conditions in the factory.
stick to/with

not to abandon

s’en tenir à
We’ve decided to stick to our previous plan
If you stick to me, I’ll stick to you.
stick together

to (cause to) be fastened together

coller (ensemble)
We’ll stick the pieces together
The rice is sticking together.

(of friends etc) to remain loyal to each other

se serrer les coudes
They’ve stuck together all these years.
stick up for

to speak in defence of (a person etc)

prendre le parti de
When my father is angry with me, my mother always sticks up for me.


noun /stik/

a branch or twig from a tree

They were sent to find sticks for firewood.

a long thin piece of wood etc shaped for a special purpose

canne; baguette, etc.
She always walks with a stick nowadays
a walking-stick / hockey-stick

a long piece

a stick of rhubarb.
get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick

to misunderstand a situation, something said etc

mal comprendre
She somehow got the wrong end of the stck and mistakenly thought i was criticizing her.

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