Übersetzung von “stiff” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivestiff /stɪf/
≠rigid; not able to be bent easily

a piece of stiff cardboard
un morceau de carton rigide
not able to be moved easily or smoothly
raide , ankylosé/-ée

My ankle is stiff.
Ma cheville est ankylosée.
severe or difficult
sévère , rude

a stiff jail sentence
une peine de prison sévère

stiff competition
compétition rude
≠relaxed; behaving in a formal way

a stiff man with no sense of humor
un homme compassé sans le moindre sens de l'humour
(of a drink) containing a lot of alcohol
bien tassé/-ée

I needed a stiff drink.
J'avais besoin d'un verre bien tassé.
(of wind) blowing hard

a stiff breeze
une brise forte


adverbstiff /stɪf/
bored/scared/worried etc. stiff
very bored, scared, worried, etc.
pui meurt d'ennui / mort/morte de peur / d'inquiétude etc.

I'm scared stiff of dogs.
J'ai une peur bleue des chiens.

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adjective /stif/

rigid or firm, and not easily bent, folded etc

He has walked with a stiff leg since he injured his knee
stiff cardboard.

moving, or moved, with difficulty, pain etc

dur; raide
I can’t turn the key – the lock is stiff
I woke up with a stiff neck
I felt stiff the day after the climb.

(of a cooking mixture etc) thick, and not flowing

a stiff dough.

difficult to do

a stiff examination.


a stiff breeze.

(of a person or his manner etc) formal and unfriendly

I received a stiff note from the bank manager.
stiffly adverb

avec raideur
stiffness noun

stiffen verb

to make or become stiff(er)

(se) raidir
You can stiffen cotton with starch
He stiffened when he heard the unexpected sound.
stiffening noun

material used to stiffen something

The collar has some stiffening in it.
bore/scare stiff

to bore or frighten very much

ennuyer à mourir; faire une peur bleue à
They were bored stiff by hearing the same old stories again and again.

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