Übersetzung von “still” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbstill /stɪl/
indicates sth continues to happen, exist or be done now
encore , toujours

Are they still living in Chicago?
Est-ce qu'ils vivent toujours à Chicago ?

There's still plenty to eat.
Il y a encore plein à manger.
indicates sth continues to be possible

Can we still buy tickets?
Pouvons-nous encore acheter des billets ?


adjectivestill /stɪl/
not moving
calme , tranquille

The air was still.
L'air était calme.

Sit still.
Reste tranquillement assis.
calm and peaceful

The streets of the town were still.
Les rues de la ville étaient calmes.
Brit (of a drink) without bubbles
non gazeux/-euse , plat/plate

Would you like still or sparkling water?
Voulez-vous de l'eau plate ou de l'eau pétillante ?


noun uncountablestillness /ˈstɪlnɪs/
calme masculine

the stillness of the lake in the evening
le calme du lac au soir

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adjective /stil/

without movement or noise

immobile, tranquille
The city seems very still in the early morning
Please stand/sit/keep/hold still while I brush your hair!
still (= calm) water/weather.

(of drinks) not fizzy

non gazeux
still orange juice.
stillness noun

stillborn adjective

dead when born

a stillborn baby.


adverb /stil/

up to and including the present time, or the time mentioned previously

Are you still working for the same firm?
By Saturday he had still not / still hadn’t replied to my letter.

nevertheless; in spite of that

quand/tout de même
Although the doctor told him to rest, he still went on working
This picture is not valuable – still, I like it.


He seemed very ill in the afternoon and in the evening looked still worse.

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