Übersetzung von “sting” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsting /stɪŋ/ ( pt pp stung )
transitive-intransitive (of an insect or animal) to prick skin with poison

nettles that sting
des orties qui piquent

I was stung by a wasp.
J'ai été piqué par une guêpe.
transitive-intransitive to be or cause to be painful with a burning sensation
piquer , brûler

The needle will sting your arm a little as it goes in.
L'aiguille va piquer un peu votre bras en y entrant.

Hay fever can make people's eyes sting.
Le rhume des foins peut faire que les gens ont les yeux qui piquent.
transitive to upset

His words stung me.
Ses mots m'ont blessé.


noun countablesting /stɪŋ/
a painful spot where an insect or animal stings you
piq��re feminine

a bee/wasp sting
une piqûre d'abeille / de guêpe
a painful feeling on your skin
brûlure feminine , morsure feminine

the sting of the cold wind
la morsure du vent froid

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noun /stiŋ/

a part of some plants, insects etc, eg nettles and wasps, that can prick and inject an irritating or poisonous fluid into the wound.

piquant, dard

an act of piercing with this part

Some spiders give a poisonous sting.

the wound, swelling, or pain caused by this

You can soothe a wasp sting by putting vinegar on it.


verb (past tense, past participle stung /staŋ/)

(of a wound, or a part of the body) to smart or be painful

The salt water made his eyes sting.

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