Übersetzung von “stir” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbstir /stɜr/ ( stirring, stirred )
transitive to mix by moving around

Stir the flour into the mixture.
Ajoutez la farine au mélange en remuant.
transitive ( stir up,) to cause to feel an emotion

a proposal that has stirred anger among the population
une proposition qui a éveillé la colère parmi la population
transitive-intransitive to move slightly
bouger , agiter

The girl stirred in her sleep.
La fille bougeait dans son sommeil.

The breeze was stirring the flag.
La brise agitait le drapeau.


nounstir [ stɜr ]singular
the act of mixing by stirring
fait masculine de remuer

Give the sauce a quick stir.
Remue vivement la sauce.
a feeling of excitement or strong emotion
agitation feminine

a nude statue that has caused quite a stir
une statue de nu qui a causé une certaine agitation

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verb /stəː/ (past tense, past participle stirred)

to cause (a liquid etc) to be mixed especially by the constant circular movement of a spoon etc, in order to mix it

He put sugar and milk into his tea and stirred it
She stirred the sugar into the mixture.

to move, either slightly or vigorously

The breeze stirred her hair
He stirred in his sleep
Come on – stir yourselves!

to arouse or touch (a person or his feelings)

He was stirred by her story.
stirring adjective

exciting or moving

a stirring tale.
stir-fry verb

to fry in hot oil for a short time while stirring

faire revenir
stir-fried vegetables.
stir up

to cause (trouble etc)

faire de l’agitation
He was trying to stir up trouble at the factory.

(Übersetzung von “stir” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)