Übersetzung von “stitch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounstitch /stɪtʃ/
countable one of the short lines in a line of sewing
point masculine

The stitches have been done in a contrasting color.
Les points ont été fait dans une couleur contrastée.
countable one of the places where a doctor has sewn a cut together
point masculine de suture

You're going to need several stitches.
Il va te falloir plusieurs points de suture.
countable a piece of wool wound around a knitting needle
maille feminine

She counted the stitches.
Elle comptait les mailles.
singular a pain in your side when you run
point masculine de côté

Stop, I have a stitch.
Arrête, j'ai un point de côté.


verb transitivestitch /stɪtʃ/
to sew cloth or a cut together
coudre , with a machine: piquer

Stitch the lining in place.
Cousez/piquez la doublure.

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noun /stitʃ/

a loop made in thread, wool etc by a needle in sewing or knitting

point; maille
She sewed the hem with small, neat stitches
Bother! I’ve dropped a stitch.

a type of stitch forming a particular pattern in sewing, knitting etc

point; maille
The cloth was edged in blanket stitch
The jersey was knitted in stocking stitch.

a sharp pain in a person’s side caused by eg running

point de côté
I’ve got a stitch.
stitching noun


The stitching is very untidy.
in stitches

laughing a lot

(rire) à se tordre
His stories kept us in stitches.
stitch up

to close by stitching

(re)coudre; suturer
The doctor stitched up the wound.

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