Übersetzung von “stop” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbstop /stɒp/ ( stopping, stopped )
transitive-intransitive to finish doing
arrêter , cesser

Stop talking and listen.
Arrêtez de parler et écoutez.

I started writing and didn't stop until 3 a.m.
Je me suis mis à écrire et je n'ai pas arrêté jusqu'à 3 heures du matin.
stop it/that
spoken used to tell sb to stop
ça suffit

Stop it, Jamie - you're being annoying.
Ça suffit, Jamie ; tu m'agaces.
transitive to prevent
empêcher , enrayer

They were stopping people from going into the building.
Ils empêchaient les gens d'entrer dans l'immeuble.

attempts to stop gun crime
des tentatives pour enrayer la criminalité armée
transitive-intransitive to not move any farther

Stop the car - I want to get out.
Arrête la voiture, je veux descendre.

Let's stop here and eat lunch.
Arrêtons-nous ici pour déjeuner.
intransitive (of public transportation) to pause on a trip to allow passengers to get on or off

The bus stops in several small towns on the way to Miami.
Le bus s'arrête dans plusieurs petites villes sur la route de Miami.
transitive-intransitive to not work or make not work anymore
(s)'arrêter , (s)'interrompre

All the clocks in the building had stopped.
Toutes les horloges de l'immeuble se sont arrêtées.

Stop the DVD at the scene where they meet.
Arrête le DVD au moment où ils se rencontrent.

stop by

verb phrasalstop by [ ˈstɒp ˈbaɪ ]
to go somewhere to visit briefly

I'll stop by to see him tomorrow.
Je passerai le voir demain.

stop off

verb phrasalstop off [ ˈstɒp ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to stop somewhere to visit on your way to another place

We could stop off at the lake for a swim.
On pourrait s'arrêter au lac pour nager.


noun countablestop /stɒp/
when you stop somewhere for a short time
arrêt masculine , halte feminine

We made several stops along the way.
Nous avons fait plusieurs haltes/arrêts sur la route.

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verb /stop/ (past tense, past participle stopped)

to (make something) cease moving, or come to rest, a halt etc

He stopped the car and got out
This train does not stop at Birmingham
He stopped to look at the map
He signalled with his hand to stop the bus.

to prevent from doing something

We must stop him (from) going
I was going to say something rude but stopped myself just in time.

to discontinue or cease eg doing something

That woman just can’t stop talking
The rain has stopped
It has stopped raining.

to block or close

(se) boucher
He stopped his ears with his hands when she started to shout at him.

to close (a hole, eg on a flute) or press down (a string on a violin etc) in order to play a particular note.

boucher; presser

to stay

Will you be stopping long at the hotel?
stoppage /-pidʒ/ noun

(an) act of stopping or state or process of being stopped

The building was at last completed after many delays and stoppages.
stopper noun

an object, eg a cork, that is put into the neck of a bottle, jar, hole etc to close it.

stopping noun

a filling in a tooth

One of my stoppings has come out.
stopcock noun

a tap and valve for controlling flow of liquid through a pipe.

robinet d’arrêt
stopgap noun

a person or thing that fills a gap in an emergency

bouche-trou; intérimaire
He was made headmaster as a stopgap till a new man could be appointed
(also adjective) stopgap arrangements.
stopwatch noun

a watch with a hand that can be stopped and started, used in timing a race etc.

put a stop to

to prevent from continuing

mettre un terme à
We must put a stop to this waste.
stop at nothing

to be willing to do anything, however dishonest etc, in order to get something

ne reculer devant rien (pour)
He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
stop dead

to stop completely

s’arrêter net
I stopped dead when I saw him.
stop off

to make a halt on a journey etc

faire une (courte) halte
We stopped off at Edinburgh to see the castle.
stop over (stop-over)

s’arrêter (une nuit ou plus)
stop up

to block

Some rubbish got into the drain and stopped it up.



a place for eg a bus to stop

a bus stop.

in punctuation, a full stop

Put a stop at the end of the sentence.

a device on a flute etc for covering the holes in order to vary the pitch, or knobs for bringing certain pipes into use on an organ.


a device, eg a wedge etc, for stopping the movement of something, or for keeping it in a fixed position

taquet, butoir
a door-stop.

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