Übersetzung von “store” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablestore /stɔr, stoʊr/
a place you can go to buy sth
magasin masculine , boutique feminine

a clothing store
une boutique / un magasin de vêtements

a grocery store
une épicerie

I'm going to the store to get milk.
Je vais au magasin acheter du lait.
a supply kept in a place to be used in the future
réserve feminine , provision feminine

a store of wood for the fire
une provision de bois pour le feu
in store
about to happen in the future
en réserve

There are some exciting changes in store for our employees.
L'avenir réserve de passionnants changements à nos employés.


verb transitivestore /stɔr, stoʊr/
to keep in a place for use in the future
conserver , entreposer

We store the rare books in a special room.
Nous entreposons/conservons les livres rares dans une pièce spéciale.

pictures of the wedding stored on the computer
les photos du mariage conservées/enregistrées dans l'ordinateur

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noun /stoː/

a supply of eg goods from which things are taken when required

They took a store of dried and canned food on the expedition
The quartermaster is the officer in charge of stores.

a (large) collected amount or quantity

He has a store of interesting facts in his head.

a place where a supply of goods etc is kept; a storehouse or storeroom

It’s in the store(s).

a shop

The post office here is also the village store
a department store.
storage /-ridʒ/ noun

the act of storing or state of being stored

We’ve put our furniture into storage at a warehouse
The meat will have to be kept in cold storage (= stored under refrigeration).
storehouse nouns ( storeroom)

a place or room where goods etc are stored

There is a storeroom behind the shop.
in store

kept or reserved for future use

en réserve
I keep plenty of tinned food in store for emergencies.

coming in the future

en réserve
There’s trouble in store for her!
set (great) store by

to value highly (eg a person’s approval etc)

faire grand cas de
He sets great store by her judgement when it comes to financial matters.
store up

to collect and keep (for future need)

I don’t know why she stores up all those old magazines.



to stock (a place etc) with goods etc

The museum is stored with interesting exhibits.

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