Übersetzung von “straight” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivestraight /streɪt/
not bending or curving

a straight line
une ligne droite

The road was straight.
La route était droite.
correctly positioned, not leaning

Move the post so that it's straight.
Déplacez le poteau de manière à ce qu'il soit droit.
honest and truthful

Just be straight with me - do I look ridiculous?
Sois franc avec moi ; est-ce que j'ai l'air ridicule ?
=consecutive; (always before n) one after the other without a pause
consécutif/-ive , d'affilée

a business with three straight years of sales growth
une entreprise qui a trois années consécutives de croissance des ventes
informal heterosexual

Is he straight or gay do you think?
Qu'en penses-tu, il est hétérosexuel ou gay ?
get sth straight
to make sure sth is understood
soyons clairs

Let's get this straight first - I am not paying for this.
Tout d'abord soyons clairs ; je ne paie pas pour ça.


adverbstraight /streɪt/
in a straight line, without turning or curving
droit , en ligne droite

The cows were running straight at us.
Les vaches couraient droit sur nous.
without stopping

Go straight home.
Rentre directement à la maison.
=now; immediately

She went straight to the principal.
Elle est allée immédiatement chez le principal.
straight after
tout de suite après

He left straight after the show.
Il est parti tout de suite après le spectacle.
=consecutive; one after the other without a pause
consécutif/-ive (adj) , d'affilée

I slept for 12 hours straight.
J'ai dormi pendant 12 heures d'affilée.
in the correct position, not leaning

Stand up straight.
Tiens-toi droit.

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adjective /streit/

not bent or curved

droit; raide
a straight line
straight (= not curly) hair
That line is not straight.

(of a person, his behaviour etc) honest, frank and direct

Give me a straight answer!

properly or levelly positioned

Your tie isn’t straight.

correct and tidy

en ordre; clairement
I’ll never get this house straight!
Now let’s get the facts straight!

(of drinks) not mixed

sans eau, sec
a straight gin.

(of a face, expression etc) not smiling or laughing

You should keep a straight face while you tell a joke.

(of an actor) playing normal characters, or (of a play) of the ordinary type – not a musical or variety show.

straighten verb

to make or become straight

(re)mettre d’aplomb; devenir droit
He straightened his tie
The road curved and then straightened.
straightness noun

straightforward adjective

without difficulties or complications; simple

a straightforward task.

(of a person, his manner etc) frank and honest

a nice straightforward boy.
straightforwardly adverb

straightforwardness noun
straight talking

frank discussion.

go straight

(of a former criminal) to lead an honest life

rester dans le droit chemin
He’d had enough of prison and promised to go straight in the future.
straight away


tout de suite
Do it straight away!
straighten out/up

devenir droit; se redresser; ranger; démêler
Their house is where the lane straightens out
He was bending over his work, but straightened up when he saw me
She straightened the room up
He’s trying to straighten out the facts.
a straight fight

an election contest involving only two candidates

duel (électoral)
After months of campaigning, the presidential election has come down to a straight fight between the two men.
straight off

straight away.

tout de suite



immediately, without any delay

tout droit
He went straight home after the meeting.

honestly or fairly

You’re not playing (= behaving) straight.

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