Die Übersetzung von "strap" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /strӕp/

a narrow strip of leather, cloth, or other material, eg with a buckle for fastening something (eg a suitcase, wristwatch etc) or by which to hold, hang or support something (eg a camera, rucksack etc)

I need a new watch-strap
luggage straps.

a short looped strip of leather etc, hanging from the roof of a train, by which a standing passenger can support himself.

poignée (de cuir)
strapping adjective

large and strong

a big strapping girl.
strap in

to confine with a strap, eg by a safety-belt in a car

attacher (avec une sangle/ceinture)
I won’t start this car till you’ve strapped yourself in.
strap up

to fasten or bind with a strap, bandage etc

His injured knee was washed and neatly strapped up.

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