Übersetzung von “stream” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablestream /strim/
a small river
courant masculine

a rocky stream
un torrent
a series of things that happen or appear quickly, one after another
flot masculine

a steady stream of visitors
un flot régulier de visiteurs

a stream of apologies
un flot d'excuses
a continuous flow or movement of sth
flot masculine

He exhaled a stream of smoke.
Il exhala une bouffée de fumée.
Brit a group of students of similar ability
groupe masculine de niveau


verbstream /strim/
intransitive to flow continuously
couler , ruisseler

Tears streamed down her face.
Les larmes coulaient/ruisselaient le long de son visage.
intransitive (of a series of things or events) to happen or appear quickly, one after another

People streamed out of the theater.
Les gens affluaient à la sortie du théâtre.

Questions have streamed in from listeners.
Les questions affluaient des auditeurs.
transitive to transfer data to a computer so that it can be used as it is downloaded

You can stream the concert onto your cellphone.
Vous pouvez charger le concert sur votre téléphone cellulaire.
transitive Brit to put students in groups according to ability
rasembler en groupes de niveau

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noun /striːm/

a small river or brook

He managed to jump across the stream.

a flow of eg water, air etc

A stream of water was pouring down the gutter
A stream of people was coming out of the cinema
He got into the wrong stream of traffic and uttered a stream of curses.

the current of a river etc

He was swimming against the stream.

in schools, one of the classes into which children of the same age are divided according to ability.

classe de niveau
streamer noun

a long narrow banner, or narrow paper ribbon

The aeroplane dragged a streamer that read ‘Come to the Festival’
The classroom was decorated with balloons and streamers.
streamlined adjective

(of a plane, car, ship etc) shaped so as to move faster and more efficiently

the newest, most streamlined aircraft.

efficient and economical

streamlined business methods.



to divide schoolchildren into classes according to ability

répartir par niveau
Many people disapprove of streaming (children) in schools.

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