Die Übersetzung von "stream" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /striːm/

a small river or brook

He managed to jump across the stream.

a flow of eg water, air etc

A stream of water was pouring down the gutter
A stream of people was coming out of the cinema
He got into the wrong stream of traffic and uttered a stream of curses.

the current of a river etc

He was swimming against the stream.

in schools, one of the classes into which children of the same age are divided according to ability.

classe de niveau
streamer noun

a long narrow banner, or narrow paper ribbon

The aeroplane dragged a streamer that read ‘Come to the Festival’
The classroom was decorated with balloons and streamers.
streamlined adjective

(of a plane, car, ship etc) shaped so as to move faster and more efficiently

the newest, most streamlined aircraft.

efficient and economical

streamlined business methods.

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