Übersetzung von “strike” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbstrike /straɪk/ ( pt pp struck )
to hit sb or sth with force

the storm that struck the southern part of the state
la tempête qui a frappé la partie sud de l'état

a woman who was struck by a car
une femme qui a été percutée par une voiture
to hit sb or sth with your hand or an object
frapper , donner un/des coup/-s

She struck him across the face.
Elle l'a frappé en plein visage.
transitive-intransitive to happen, with damaging results

the day tragedy/disaster struck
le jour où la tragédie / la catastrophe a frappé

The disease mostly strikes young children.
Cette maladie frappe surtout les jeunes enfants.
transitive (of an idea or thought) to enter your mind suddenly
venir à l'esprit

Then an idea struck me.
Alors une idée m'est venue à l'esprit.
it strikes sb
sb suddenly thinks sth
il vient à l'esprit de qqn que , il apparaît à qqn que

It struck me that Josh might be able to help us.
Il m'est apparu / venu à l'esprit que Josh pourrait nous aider.
intransitive (of employees) to stop working to force management to provide better pay, working conditions, etc.
faire grève

steel workers striking for better health benefits
des ouvriers métallurgistes qui font grève pour de meilleures prestations de santé
intransitive to attack or kill
frapper , attaquer

a killer who only strikes at night
un tueur qui ne frappe que la nuit
transitive to scrape a match against sth to produce a flame

He struck a match.
Il frotta une allumette.
transitive-intransitive to mark the time by making a sound

The clock struck three.
L'horloge sonna trois heures.

Did the church clock just strike?
Est-ce que le clocher de l'église vient de sonner ?
be struck by/with
to admire or be impressed by
être frappé/-ée / impressionné/-ée

I was struck with how mature she seemed.
J'ai été frappé par son apparente maturité.
strike a balance between
to achieve an equal or fair amount of each of two opposing sides, ideas, etc.
trouver le juste milieu

a show that strikes a balance between humor and drama
une émission qui trouve le juste milieu entre humour et drame
strike a bargain/deal
to agree on sth that is acceptable to two or more people
conclure un marché

The management and union struck a deal last night.
La direction et le syndicat ont conclu un marché hier soir.
strike up a conversation/friendship
to begin a conversation or friendship
engager la conversation / se lier d'amitié avec

She struck up a conversation with another student.
Elle a engagé la conversation avec un autre étudiant.

strike out

verb phrasalstrike out [ ˈstraɪk ˈaʊt ] informal
to fail to do or achieve
ne pas parvenir à ses fins

He asked her out on a date, but struck out.
Il lui a proposé un rendez-vous mais n'est pas parvenu à ses fins.


noun countablestrike /straɪk/
a situation in which employees strike
grève feminine

a three-week strike for better pay
une grève de trois semaines pour être mieux payé
on strike
en grève

The union is threatening to go on strike.
Le syndicat menace de se mettre en grève.
a military attack
frappe feminine , attaque feminine

an air strike on an enemy position
une frappe/attaque aérienne sur une position ennemie
sth that negatively affects your reputation or record
mauvais point masculine

His failure to finish was considered one strike against him.
Le fait qu'il n'ait pas terminé a été considéré comme un mauvais point contre lui.

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verb /straik/ (past tense struck /strak/, past participles struck stricken /ˈstrikən/)

to hit, knock or give a blow to

He struck me in the face with his fist
Why did you strike him?
The stone struck me a blow on the side of the head
His head struck the table as he fell
The tower of the church was struck by lightning.

to attack

The enemy troops struck at dawn
We must prevent the disease striking again.

to produce (sparks or a flame) by rubbing

faire jaillir
He struck a match/light
He struck sparks from the stone with his knife.

(of workers) to stop work as a protest, or in order to force employers to give better pay

faire grève
The men decided to strike for higher wages.

to discover or find

After months of prospecting they finally struck gold/oil
If we walk in this direction, we may strike the right path.

to (make something) sound

He struck a note on the piano/violin
The clock struck twelve.

to impress, or give a particular impression to (a person)

I was struck by the resemblance between the two men
How does the plan strike you?
It / The thought struck me that she had come to borrow money.

to mint or manufacture (a coin, medal etc).


to go in a certain direction

prendre, aller
He left the path and struck (off) across the fields.

to lower or take down (tents, flags etc).

démonter; amener
striker noun

a worker who strikes.


in football, a forward player.

striking adjective

noticeable or impressive

She is tall and striking
She wears striking clothes.
strikingly adverb

be (out) on strike

(of workers) to be striking

être en grève
The electricity workers are (out) on strike.
call a strike

(of a trade union leader etc) to ask workers to strike

lancer un ordre de grève
The teachers’ union has called a strike.
come out on strike

(of workers) to strike

se mettre en grève
The train drivers have come out on strike.
come/be within striking distance of

to come very close to.

à portée de
strike at

to attempt to strike, or aim a blow at (a person etc)

chercher à frapper
He struck at the dog with his stick.
strike an attitude / a pose

to place oneself in a particular usually rather showy pose

She struck a pose for the photograph.
strike a balance

to reach a satisfactory middle level of compromise between two undesirable extremes

trouver le juste milieu (entre)
We need to strike a balance between the quality and the price of the product.
strike a bargain/agreement

to make a bargain; to reach an agreement

conclure un marché
The union is hoping to strike a bargain with the government.
strike a blow for

to make an effort on behalf of (a cause etc)

rompre une lance pour
They’re hoping to strike a blow for women’s rights by persuading the government to change the law.
strike down

to hit or knock (a person) down

He was struck down by a car / a terrible disease.
strike dumb

to amaze

rendre qqn muet
I was struck dumb at the news.
strike fear/terror etc into

to fill (a person) with fear etc

The sound struck terror into them.
strike home

(of a blow, insult etc) to reach the place where it will hurt most.

toucher juste
strike it rich

to make a lot of money

faire fortune
He struck it rich when he invented a new type of vacuum cleaner.
strike lucky

to have good luck in a particular matter.

jouer de chance
strike out

to erase or cross out (a word etc)

He read the essay and struck out a word here and there.

to start fighting

donner un coup
He’s a man who strikes out with his fists whenever he’s angry.
strike up

to begin to play a tune etc

commencer à jouer
The band struck up (with) ‘The Red Flag’.

to begin (a friendship, conversation etc)

lier connaissance
He struck up an acquaintance with a girl on the train.



a discovery of oil, gold etc

He made a lucky strike.

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