Die Übersetzung von "string" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /striŋ/

(a piece of) long narrow cord made of threads twisted together, or tape, for tying, fastening etc

a piece of string to tie a parcel
a ball of string
a puppet’s strings

a fibre etc, eg on a vegetable.


a piece of wire, gut etc on a musical instrument, eg a violin

(à) corde(s)
His A-string broke
(also adjective) He plays the viola in a string orchestra.

a series or group of things threaded on a cord etc

a string of beads.
strings noun plural

(in an orchestra, the group of people who play) stringed instruments, ie violins, violas, ’cellos and double basses

The conductor said the strings were too loud.
stringy adjective

(especially of meat or vegetables) having a lot of tough fibres.

stringiness noun

caractère filandreux
string bean

the long, edible green or yellow pod of certain beans.

haricot vert
stringed instruments

musical instruments that have strings eg violins, guitars etc.

instruments à cordes
have (someone) on a string

to have (a person) under one’s control.

mener par le bout du nez
pull strings

to use one’s influence or that of others to gain an advantage

The politician was accused of pulling strings in order to get his girlfriend a British passport.
pull the strings

to be the person who is really, though usually not apparently, controlling the actions of others

tirer les ficelles
Some people think it is the senior civil servants and not the government who really pull the strings.
string out

to stretch into a long line

The runners were strung out along the course.
strung up

very nervous.

stringent /ˈstrindʒənt/ adjective

(of rules etc) very strict, or strongly enforced

There should be much more stringent laws against the dropping of rubbish in the streets.
stringently adverb

stringency noun

the quality of being strict

the stringency of the new laws.

scarcity of money for lending etc

in times of stringency
(also adjective) The government are demanding stringency measures.

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