Übersetzung von “stroke” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablestroke /stroʊk/
a medical condition in which a blood vessel in the brain suddenly becomes blocked or bursts
attaque feminine

He died of a stroke.
Il est mort d'une attaque.

to have a stroke
avoir une attaque
a long swinging movement, especially to hit sth
coup masculine

a tennis player with a beautiful stroke
un joueur de tennis qui a un beau service

a single stroke of the axe
un seul coup de hache
a style of swimming
nage feminine

Freestyle is my best stroke.
La nage libre est la nage où je suis le meilleur.
a movement of your arm in swimming
mouvement masculine , brasse feminine

She swam with smooth strokes.
Elle nageait à brasses régulières.
Brit an act of stroking sth with your hand
a stroke of luck
an unexpected positive event
un coup de chance

By a stroke of luck a policeman was standing right there.
Par un coup de chance, un officier de police se tenait justement là debout.
a stroke of genius
a sudden intelligent solution to a problem
un trait de génie

the stroke of genius that let him win the chess match
le trait de génie qui lui permit de gagner la partie d'échecs


verb transitivestroke /stroʊk/
to pull your hand across sth gently

Her mother stroked her hair.
Sa mère lui caressa les cheveux.

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noun /strəuk/

an act of hitting, or the blow given

He felled the tree with one stroke of the axe
the stroke of a whip.

a sudden occurrence of something

a stroke of lightning
an unfortunate stroke of fate
What a stroke of luck to find that money!

the sound made by a clock striking the hour

She arrived on the stroke of (= punctually at) ten.

a movement or mark made in one direction by a pen, pencil, paintbrush etc

short, even pencil strokes.

a single pull of an oar in rowing, or a hit with the bat in playing cricket.

coup (d’aviron)

a movement of the arms and legs in swimming, or a particular method of swimming

brassée; nage
He swam with slow, strong strokes

an effort or action

I haven’t done a stroke (of work) all day.

a sudden attack of illness which damages the brain, causing paralysis, loss of feeling in the body etc

She suffered a stroke.
at a stroke

with a single effort

d’un seul coup
We can’t solve all these problems at a stroke.


verb /strəuk/

to rub (eg a furry animal) gently and repeatedly in one direction, especially as a sign of affection

He stroked the cat / her hair
The dog loves being stroked.

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