Übersetzung von “strong” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivestrong /strɔŋ, strɒŋ/
physically powerful
fort/-e , puissant/-ante

her strong legs
ses jambes puissantes

I was surprised at how strong he was.
J'ai été surprise de constater comme il était fort.
(of a natural force) having a lot of power
fort/-e , puissant/-e

strong winds/currents
des vents forts / des courants puissants

The sun is strong today.
Le soleil cogne fort aujourd'hui.
(of a feeling or idea) having a powerful influence on actions or decisions

strong arguments against the new power plant
de solides arguments à l'encontre de la nouvelle centrale électrique

a strong sense of duty
un solide sens du devoir

The evidence against him was strong.
Le témoignage à son encontre était solide.
(always before n) (of a person) being very serious about a feeling or idea
convaincu/-ue , fervent/-e

a strong believer in eating a healthy diet
un fervent partisan d'un régime sain

a strong opponent of the energy bill
un adversaire convaincu du projet de loi sur l'énergie
likely to win, succeed, or happen

a strong Democratic candidate
un candidat démocrate sérieux

There's a strong chance that she'll agree.
Il y a une forte chance qu'elle soit d'accord.
not easy to break

The branch was strong enough to hold us.
La branche était assez solide pour nous porter.
=intense; (of a color, smell, or feeling) having a powerful effect
intense , vif/vive

the strong smell of garlic
l'odeur forte de l'ail

strong reds and golds
des rouges et des ors vifs

I felt a strong sensation of burning.
Je ressentis une vive sensation de brûlure.
skilled or effective at doing sth
fort/-e , bon/bonne , doué/-ée

students who are strong readers
des étudiants qui sont de gros lecteurs

As a leader she was very strong.
Comme chef, elle est forte.
en bonne santé

With the new medication, she's getting stronger.
Avec ces nouveaux médicaments, elle sera bientôt en meilleure santé.
difficult to end or destroy
solide , résistant/-ante

the government's strong ties with terrorist groups
les liens solides du gouvernement avec les groupes terroristes
likely to keep its financial value

a strong economy/dollar
une économie forte / un dollar fort

The oil and gas industry remains strong.
L'industrie du pétrole et du gaz reste forte.
(of an accent) easy to notice

her strong Brazilian accent
son fort accent brésilien
(of food) having a lot of flavor

strong coffee
café corsé
strong language
swear words

The movie gets its rating for strong language and sex.
Ce gilm doit sa cote à la grossièreté et au sexe.


adverbstrongly /ˈstrɔŋli/
fort , fermement

I strongly believe she is telling the truth.
Je crois fermement qu'elle dit la vérité.

I felt strongly that the plan was good.
J'étais fermement convaincu que le projet était bon.

The clothes smelled strongly of smoke.
Les vêtements avaient une forte odeur de fumée.

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adjective /stroŋ/

firm, sound, or powerful, and therefore not easily broken, destroyed, attacked, defeated, resisted, or affected by weariness, illness etc

strong furniture
a strong castle
a strong wind
She’s a strong swimmer
He has a very strong will/personality
He has never been very strong (= healthy)
He is not strong enough to lift that heavy table.

very noticeable; very intense

a strong colour
a strong smell.

containing a large amount of the flavouring ingredient

strong tea.

(of a group, force etc) numbering a particular amount

(fort) de
An army 20,000 strong was advancing towards the town.
strongly adverb

strength /streŋθ/ noun

the quality of being strong

He got his strength back slowly after his illness
I hadn’t the strength to resist him.

the number of people etc in a force, organization etc, considered as an indication of its power or effectiveness

The force is below strength.
strengthen /ˈstreŋθən/ verb

to make or become strong or stronger

He did exercises to strengthen his muscles
The wind strengthened.
strongbox noun

a safe or box for valuables.

strong drink

alcoholic liquors.

boisson forte
stronghold noun

a fort, fortress or castle etc.

strong language

swearing or abuse

The manager used some strong language during his halftime talk in the dressing room.
strong-minded adjective

having determination

She’s a strong-minded young woman who won’t give up easily.
strong point

a quality, skill etc in which a person excels

Arithmetic isn’t one of my strong points.
strongroom noun

a room specially constructed for keeping valuable articles, with thick walls and a heavy steel door etc.

chambre forte
on the strength of

relying on

sur la foi de
On the strength of this offer of money, we plan to start building soon.

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