Übersetzung von “stuff” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountablestuff /stʌf/
indicates activities or things without naming them specifically
chose feminine , fam truc masculine

What's that sticky stuff on the table?
Qu'est-ce que c'est que ce truc collant sur la table ?

There was beer and other stuff to drink.
Il y avait de la bière et autre chose à boire.

I've been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff lately.
Ces derniers temps, j'ai été confronté à pas mal de choses sur le plan émotionnel.

He did some great stuff in his early acting career.
Il a fait quelques trucs super au début de sa carrière d'acteur.
sb's stuff
a number of things that belong to sb
les affaires de qqn

I left all my stuff in your room.
J'ai laissé mes affaires dans ta chambre.


verb transitivestuff /stʌf/
to push things into a small space in a careless way

She stuffed her clothes into the bag.
Elle a fourré ses affaires dans le sac.
to fill a chicken, turkey, etc. with bread, meat, fruits, etc. before cooking

a turkey stuffed with sausage and dried fruit
une dinde farcie de saucisse et de fruits secs
to make a container very full

a closet stuffed with clothes
un placard bourré de vêtements
stuff yourself/stuff your face
informal to eat a lot

We stuffed our faces at the pizza place.
On s'est empiffrés à la pizzeria.

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noun /staf/

material or substance

chose; produit; étoffe
What is that black oily stuff on the beach?
The doctor gave me some good stuff for removing warts
Show them what stuff you’re made of! (= how brave, strong etc you are).

(unimportant) matter, things, objects etc

We’ll have to get rid of all this stuff when we move house.

an old word for cloth.

know one’s stuff

to be skilful and knowledgeable in one’s chosen subject

s’y connaître
He really knows his stuff when it comes to French history.
that’s the stuff!

that’s just what is wanted!

voilà ce qu’il faut


verb /staf/

to pack or fill tightly, often hurriedly or untidily

(se) bourrer (de)
His drawer was stuffed with papers
She stuffed the fridge with food
The children have been stuffing themselves with ice-cream.

to fill (eg a turkey, chicken etc) with stuffing before cooking.


to fill the skin of (a dead animal or bird) to preserve the appearance it had when alive

They stuffed the golden eagle.
stuffing noun

material used for stuffing eg toy animals

The teddy bear had lost much of its stuffing.

a mixture containing eg breadcrumbs, spices, sausage-meat etc, used for stuffing chickens etc.

stuff up

to block

He stuffed the hole up with some newspaper
I’ve got a cold and my nose is stuffed up.

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