Die Übersetzung von "subject" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈsabdʒikt/

(of countries etc) not independent, but dominated by another power

subject nations.
subjection /səbˈdʒekʃən/ noun

subjective /səbˈdʒektiv/ adjective

(of a person’s attitude etc) arising from, or influenced by, his own thoughts and feelings only; not objective or impartial

You must try not to be too subjective if you are on a jury in a court of law.
subjectively adverb

subject matter

the subject discussed in an essay, book etc

The subject matter of his latest article is multicultural Britain.
change the subject

to start talking about something different

changer de sujet
I mentioned the money to her, but she changed the subject.
subject to

liable or likely to suffer from or be affected by

sujet à
He is subject to colds
The programme is subject to alteration.

depending on

sous réserve de
These plans will be put into practice next week, subject to your approval.

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