Übersetzung von “such” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determinersuch /sʌtʃ/
to a certain or great degree, level, etc.
tel/telle masculine-feminine

She has such enthusiasm for her subject.
Elle faisait preuve d’un tel enthousiasme pour son sujet.

He had such severe injuries, that he almost died.
Il souffrait de blessures si graves qu'il en est presque mort.
indicates sth that has already been mentioned
tel/telle masculine-feminine

No more arguing! I'm sorry but such behavior is not acceptable.
Arrêtez de discuter ! Je suis désolé mais un tel comportement est inacceptable.

Such an amazing offer as this was not what she was expecting.
Elle ne s'attendait pas à une offre aussi exceptionnelle.
such and such
indicates sth without giving specific detail
tel/telle et tel/telle

He's always boasting about meeting such and such an actor.
Il se vante toujours de rencontrer tel et tel acteur.


pronounsuch /sʌtʃ/
indicates sb or sth of the type mentioned
tel/telle masculine-feminine

I love soft cheeses, such as Camembert and Brie.
J'adore les fromages à pâte molle tels que le camenbert et le brie.

The chaos was such that no one knew what to do.
C'était un tel chaos que personne ne savait quoi faire.
as such
used to refer to the usual meaning of the word just mentioned
autrement dit

We're not having a party as such -just a few friends over for drinks.
Nous faisons une soirée, autrement dit juste quelques amis et des boissons.
there's no such thing as
used to say sth does not exist
il n'existe rien de tel

Some kids in my class said there's no such thing as a tooth fairy.
Il y a des enfants dans ma classe qui ont dit que la petite souris n'existe pas.

(Übersetzung von “such” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


adjective /satʃ/

of the same kind as that already mentioned or being mentioned

tel, pareil, semblable
Animals that gnaw, such as mice, rats, rabbits and weasels are called rodents
He came from Bradford or some such place
She asked to see Mr Johnson but was told there was no such person there
I’ve seen several such buildings
I’ve never done such a thing before
doctors, dentists and such people.

of the great degree already mentioned or being mentioned

un tel
If you had telephoned her, she wouldn’t have got into such a state of anxiety
She never used to get such bad headaches (as she does now).

of the great degree, or the kind, to have a particular result

He shut the window with such force that the glass broke
She’s such a good teacher that the headmaster asked her not to leave
Their problems are such as to make it impossible for them to live together any more.

used for emphasis

tel, si
This is such a shock! They have been such good friends to me!
suchlike adjective, pronoun

(things) of the same kind

de ce genre
I don’t like books about love, romance and suchlike (things).
such-and-such adjective, pronoun

used to refer to some unnamed person or thing

tel et tel, tel ou tel
Let’s suppose that you go into such-and-such a shop and ask for such-and-such.
such as it is

though it scarcely deserves the name

pour ce que (cela) vaut
You can borrow our lawn mower, such as it is.

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