Übersetzung von “support” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivesupport /səˈpɔrt, -ˈpoʊrt/
to believe sb or sth is good or right, and be willing to help them succeed

I do not support the president's plan to change the existing law.
Je ne soutiens pas le projet du président de modifier la loi actuelle.

No one supports the chairman on this issue.
Personne ne soutient le président sur cette question.
to hold sth up so it does not fall down

four poles that support the roof
quatre poteaux qui soutiennent le toit
to pay for sb or look after sb
prendre en charge

At the age of 25 he should be able to support himself.
A l'âge de 25 ans, il devrait être capable de se prendre en charge.

an organization that offers support to people with long-term illnesses
une organisation qui offre une prise en charge aux personnes qui sont atteintes de maladie de longue durée
to prove sth is true
confirmer , étayer

evidence to support the claim
des preuves pour étayer la réclamation
Brit to be a fan of a sports team

I support Leeds.
Je soutiens Leeds.


nounsupport /səˈpɔrt, -ˈpoʊrt/
uncountable the belief that sth is good or right, and a willingness to help them succeed
soutien masculine

public support for the government's plans
le soutien de l'opinion publique pour les projets gouvernementaux

Can I count on your support at the meeting?
Est-ce que je peux compter sur ton soutien à la réunion ?
in support of sb/sth
en faveur de

a speech in support of gay marriage
un discours en faveur du mariage gay
uncountable care or help for sb
soutien masculine

support for people with learning disabilities
le soutien aux personnes qui ont des difficultés d'apprentissage

a victim support group
un groupe de soutien aux victimes
countable an object that holds sth up so that it does not fall
support masculine

supports for the roof
des supports pour le toit

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verb /səˈpoːt/

to bear the weight of, or hold upright, in place etc

(sup)porter, soutenir
That chair won’t support him / his weight
He limped home, supported by a friend on either side of him.

to give help, or approval to

He has always supported our cause
His family supported him in his decision.

to provide evidence for the truth of

corroborer, confirmer
New discoveries have been made that support his theory
The second witness supported the statement of the first one.

to supply with the means of living

subvenir aux besoins de
He has a wife and four children to support.
supporter noun

a person who helps or supports (a person, cause, team etc)

a crowd of football supporters.
supporting adjective

(of an actor, rôle etc) secondary to the leading actor, rôle etc

secondaire, de soutien
He has had many supporting rôles
a supporting cast.



something that supports

One of the supports of the bridge collapsed.

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