Die Übersetzung von "sure" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ʃuə/

(negative unsure) having no doubt; certain

I’m sure that I gave him the book
I’m not sure where she lives / what her address is
‘There’s a bus at two o’clock.’ ‘Are you quite sure?’
I thought the idea was good, but now I’m not so sure
I’ll help you – you can be sure of that!

unlikely to fail (to do or get something)

He’s sure to win
You’re sure of a good dinner if you stay at that hotel.

reliable or trustworthy

a sure way to cure hiccups
a safe, sure method
a sure aim with a rifle.
surely adverb

used in questions, exclamations etc to indicate what the speaker considers probable

sûrement; tout de même
Surely she’s finished her work by now!
You don’t believe what she said, surely?

without doubt, hesitation, mistake or failure

Slowly but surely we’re achieving our aim.

(in answers) certainly; of course

bien sûr
‘May I come with you?’ ‘Surely!’
sureness noun

certitude; assurance
sure-footed adjective

not likely to slip or stumble

au pied sûr
Goats are sure-footed animals.
as sure as

used in various phrases that mean ‘without fail’ or ‘without doubt

aussi sûr que
As sure as fate / anything / eggs are eggs, he’ll be late again.
be sure to

don’t fail to

ne pas manquer/oublier de
Be sure to switch off the television.
be/feel sure of oneself

to be confident

ne plus être (tout) jeune
She didn’t feel very sure of herself in the company of strangers.
for sure

definitely or certainly

avec certitude
We don’t know for sure that he’s dead.
make sure

to act so that, or check that, something is certain or sure

s’assurer (de)
Arrive early at the cinema to make sure of (getting) a seat!
I think he’s coming today but I’ll telephone to make sure (of that / that he is).
sure enough

in fact, as was expected

I thought she’d be angry, and sure enough she was.

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