Die Übersetzung von "surprise" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /səˈpraiz/

(the feeling caused by) something sudden or unexpected

His statement caused some surprise
Your letter was a pleasant surprise
There were some nasty surprises waiting for her when she returned
He stared at her in surprise
To my surprise the door was unlocked
(also adjective) He paid them a surprise visit.
surprised adjective

showing or feeling surprise

his surprised face
I’m surprised (that) he’s not here
You behaved badly – I’m surprised at you!
I wouldn’t be surprised if he won.
surprising adjective

likely to cause surprise

surprising news
It is not surprising that he resigned.
surprisingly adverb

Surprisingly, he did win.
take by surprise

to catch unawares

prendre par surprise
The news took me by surprise.

to capture (a fort etc) by a sudden, unexpected attack.

prendre par un coup de main

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