Die Übersetzung von "suspend" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /səˈspend/

to hang

The meat was suspended from a hook.

to keep from falling or sinking

Particles of dust are suspended in the air.

to stop or discontinue temporarily

All business will be suspended until after the funeral.

to prevent (a person) temporarily from continuing his (professional) activities or having his usual privileges

Two footballers were suspended after yesterday’s match.
suspended sentence noun

a prison sentence that will take effect only if the criminal commits a (similar) crime again

condamnation avec sursis
Instead of being sent to prison, he was given a suspended sentence.
suspenders noun plural

a pair, or set, of elastic straps for holding up socks or stockings

jarretelles; fixe-chaussettes
a pair of suspenders.

(American) braces for holding up trousers.

suspense /-s/ noun

a state of uncertainty and anxiety

We waited in suspense for the result of the competition.
suspension /-ʃən/ noun

the act of suspending.


in a motor vehicle etc, the system of springs etc supporting the frame on the axles.


a liquid with solid particles that do not sink.

suspension bridge

a type of bridge that has its roadway suspended from cables supported by towers.

pont suspendu

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