Übersetzung von “sustain” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivesustain /səˈsteɪn/
to cause sth to exist or live
permettre d'exister

The water was too salty to sustain life.
L'eau était trop salée pour permettre à la vie d'exister.

attempts to sustain the shaky peace
des tentatives pour consolider la paix chancelante
=maintain; to make sb or sth able to continue

Can the team sustain this level of performance?
Est-ce que cette équipe peut soutenir un tel niveau de performance ?

Her hopes sustained her for a while.
Ses espérances l'ont soutenue pendant un moment.
formal to experience sth damaging

to sustain serious injuries/damage
recevoir de graves blessures / subir de graves dégâts

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verb /səˈstein/

to bear (the weight of)

The branches could hardly sustain the weight of the fruit.

to give help or strength to

The thought of seeing her again sustained him throughout his ordeal.

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