Übersetzung von “swarm” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableswarm /swɔrm/
a large group of insects moving together
essaim masculine

a swarm of bees
un essaim d'abeilles


verb transitiveswarm /swɔrm/
(of a large group) to move quickly into an area

Fans swarmed onto the field.
Les fans affluaient sur le terrain.
(of bees and other insects) to move in large groups
be swarming with
(of a place) to be filled with large numbers of sth
grouiller de

a mall swarming with shoppers
un centre commercial grouillant de personnes venues faire des courses

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noun /swoːm/

a great number (of insects or other small creatures) moving together

a swarm of ants.

(often in plural) a great number or crowd

essaim, troupe
swarms of people.



to move in great numbers

aller en masse
The children swarmed out of the school.

to be full of moving crowds

fourmiller de
The Tower of London was swarming with tourists.

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