Übersetzung von “sweat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsweat /swɛt/
uncountable drops of liquid on your skin when you exercise or do physical work
transpiration feminine , sueur feminine

drops of sweat on his forehead
des gouttes de sueur sur son front

She wiped the sweat out of her eyes.
Elle essuya la sueur de ses yeux. FRE bizarre, est-ce que c'est la formulation ?
countable a time when a lot of sweat comes from the body
suée feminine

night sweats
des suées nocturnes
break out in a sweat
to start sweating
attrapper une suée

She broke out in a cold sweat.
Elle a attrapé une suée froide.
; see also sweaty


verb intransitivesweat /swɛt/
to produce sweat from your body
transpirer , suer

He was sweating heavily/profusely.
Il suait/transpirait abondamment.
don't sweat it
informal used to tell sb not to worry
ne t'/vous en fais/faites pas

Don't sweat it - it's not a problem.
Ne t'en fais pas, ça n'est pas un problème.

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noun /swet/

the moisture given out through the skin

He was dripping with sweat after running so far in the heat.
sweater noun

any kind of knitted pullover or jersey.

sweaty adjective

wet or stained with, or smelling of, sweat

moite de sueur
sweaty clothes/bodies.
sweatiness noun

moiteur (de transpiration)
a cold sweat

(coldness and dampness of the skin when a person is in) a state of shock, fear etc

sueur froide
She broke out in a cold sweat.



to work hard

suer sur
I was sweating (away) at my work from morning till night.

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