Übersetzung von “sweep” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsweep /swip/ ( pt pp swept )
to clean sth using a broom or brush

I swept the front porch.
J(ai balayé le porche devant.

Sweep the crumbs up off the floor.
Ramassez les miettes sur le parquet.

He spent an hour sweeping and dusting.
Il a passé une heure à balayer et à épousseter.
to move or push sth forcefully

High winds swept the car off the road.
Des vents forts ont balayé la voiture en dehors de la route.

A landslide swept through the valley.
un glissement de terrain a balayé en partie la vallée.
intransitive (of a feeling) to suddenly affect sb

Strong sadness swept over her.
Une profonde tristesse l'envahit.
transitive (of an idea or feeling) to pass quickly between people

A new feeling of hope is sweeping the country.
Un nouveau sentiment d'espoir parcourt le pays.
sweep sth under the rug/carpet
to try to ignore or hide sth bad

Management swept the problems under the rug.
La direction a occulté le problème.

sweep aside

verb phrasalsweep aside [ ˈswip əˈsaɪd ]
to choose to ignore

He swept aside any negative questions from reporters.
Il a occulter les questions négatives des journalistes.

sweep away

verb phrasalsweep away [ ˈswip əˈweɪ ]
to make sth disappear quickly
balayer , escamoter

She smiled and all my doubts were swept away.
Elle a souri et tous mes doutes ont été balayés.

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verb /swiːp/ (past tense, past participle swept /swept/)

to clean (a room etc) using a brush or broom

The room has been swept clean.

to move as though with a brush

She swept the crumbs off the table with her hand
The wave swept him overboard
Don’t get swept away by (= become over-enthusiastic about) the idea!
She swept aside my objections.

to move quickly over


to move swiftly or in a proud manner

balayer; aller majestueusement
High winds sweep across the desert
She swept into my room without knocking on the door.
sweeper noun

a person or thing that sweeps

balayeur/-euse; balai mécanique
a road-sweeper
May I borrow your carpet sweeper?
sweeping adjective

that sweeps

a sweeping gesture.

(of changes etc) very great

a sweeping victory
sweeping reforms.
sweeping-brush noun

a type of brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping floors etc.

at one/a sweep

by one action, at one time

d’un seul coup
He fired half of his employees at one sweep.
sweep (someone) off his/her feet

to affect (a person) with strong emotion or enthusiasm

With his dashing good looks and sense of humour, he soon swept her off her feet.
sweep out

to sweep (a room etc) thoroughly; to clean by sweeping

I need to sweep the classroom out.
sweep the board

to be very successful; to win all the prizes

remporter haut la main; faire table rase
The Australians swept the board in the swimming events.
sweep under the carpet

to avoid facing, or dealing with (an unpleasant situation etc) by pretending it does not exist

faire l’autruche
We can’t just sweep the problem under the carpet – it needs to be discussed.
sweep up

to gather together or remove (dirt etc) by sweeping

She swept up the crumbs/mess.



a sweeping movement

mouvement circulaire
He indicated the damage with a sweep of his hand.

a person who cleans chimneys.


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