Die Übersetzung von "swell" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /swel/ (past tense swelled, past participle swollen /ˈswoulən/)

to make or become larger, greater or thicker

enfler, gonfler
The insect-bite made her finger swell
I invited her to join us on the excursion in order to swell the numbers.
swelling noun

a swollen area, especially on the body as a result of injury, disease etc

She had a swelling on her arm where the wasp had stung her.
swollen /ˈswəulən/ adjective

increased in size, thickness etc, through swelling

a swollen river
He had a swollen ankle after falling down the stairs.
swollen-headed adjective

too pleased with oneself; conceited

He’s very swollen-headed about his success.
swell out

to (cause to) bulge

(se) gonfler
The sails swelled out in the wind.
swell up

(of a part of the body) to swell

The toothache made her face swell up.

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