Die Übersetzung von "swing" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /swiŋ/ (past tense, past participle swung /swaŋ/)

to (cause to) move or sway in a curve (from side to side or forwards and backwards) from a fixed point

(se) balancer
You swing your arms when you walk
The children were swinging on a rope hanging from a tree
The door swung open
He swung the load on to his shoulder.

to walk with a stride

marcher d’un pas rythmé
He swung along the road.

to turn suddenly

(se) retourner
He swung round and stared at them
He is hoping to swing the voters in his favour.
swinging adjective

fashionable and exciting

à la mode
the swinging city of London.
swing bridge

a type of bridge that swings open to let ships pass.

pont tournant
swing door

a door that swings open in both directions.

porte battante
be in full swing

to be going ahead, or continuing, busily or vigorously

battre son plein
The party was in full swing.
get into the swing (of things)

to begin to fit into a routine etc

se mettre au courant
You’ll soon get into the swing of things.
go with a swing

(of an organized event etc) to proceed or go easily and successfully.

très bien marcher

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