Die Übersetzung von "switch" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /switʃ/

a small lever, handle or other device eg for putting or turning an electric current on or off

interrupteur, commutateur
The switch is down when the power is on and up when it’s off
He couldn’t find the light-switch.

an act of turning or changing

After several switches of direction they found themselves on the right road.

a thin stick.

switchback noun

a railway eg in an amusement park, or a road that has many ups and downs (and sudden turns)

montagnes russes
Let’s go along the switchback.
switchboard noun

a board with many switches for controlling electric currents etc, or for making connections by telephone, eg within a large office etc.

tableau de distribution; standard
switch on/off

to put or turn on/off (an electric current / light etc)

allumer; éteindre
He switched on the light
Switch off the electricity before going on holiday.

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