Übersetzung von “switch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbswitch /swɪtʃ/
transitive-intransitive to change from one thing to another
passer de ... à ... , permuter

She switched easily between the two languages.
Elle passe aisément d'une langue à l'autre.

I switched from my old browser to a better one.
Je suis passée de mon ancien navigateur à un meilleur.
transitive to exchange one thing for another

He switched clothes to avoid being identified.
Il a changé de vêtements pour éviter qu'on l'identifie.
switch places (with)
changer de place (avec)

The photographer asked me and my brother to switch places.
Le photographe nous a demandé, à mon frére et à moi, de changer de place.
transitive-intransitive to exchange work times with sb else

Can you switch shifts with me on Saturday?
Est-ce que tu peux changer de poste avec moi samedi ?

I can switch with Carrie.
Je peux échanger avec Carrie.


noun countableswitch /swɪtʃ/
a device that you press or move to turn sth on or off
interrupteur masculine

a light switch
un bouton électrique
flip/flick a switch
to press or move a switch
appuyer sur / tourner un interrupteur

He flipped the switch and the room lit up.
Il appuya sur l'interrupteur et la pièce s'illumina.
the act of changing from one thing to another
passage masculine de ... à ... , changement masculine
make a/the switch
passer de ... à ... / changer ... pour ...

We recently made the switch from heating with oil to gas.
Récemment on est passé du chauffage à pétrole au gaz.

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noun /switʃ/

a small lever, handle or other device eg for putting or turning an electric current on or off

interrupteur, commutateur
The switch is down when the power is on and up when it’s off
He couldn’t find the light-switch.

an act of turning or changing

After several switches of direction they found themselves on the right road.

a thin stick.

switchback noun

a railway eg in an amusement park, or a road that has many ups and downs (and sudden turns)

montagnes russes
Let’s go along the switchback.
switchboard noun

a board with many switches for controlling electric currents etc, or for making connections by telephone, eg within a large office etc.

tableau de distribution; standard
switch on/off

to put or turn on/off (an electric current / light etc)

allumer; éteindre
He switched on the light
Switch off the electricity before going on holiday.

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