Die Übersetzung von "sympathy" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈsimpəði/

a feeling of pity or sorrow for a person in trouble

When her husband died, she received many letters of sympathy.

the state or feeling of being in agreement with, or of being able to understand, the attitude or feelings of another person

(en) sympathie
I have no sympathy with such a stupid attitude
Are you in sympathy with the strikers?
sympathetic /-ˈθetik/ adjective

(negative unsympathetic) showing or feeling sympathy

compatissant; de sympathie
She was very sympathetic when I failed my exam
a sympathetic smile.
sympathetically adverb

sympathize verb ( sympathise)

to show or feel sympathy to

I find it difficult to sympathize with him when he complains so much.

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