Übersetzung von “tack” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivetack /tæk/
to attach sth onto sth with a tack

a notice tacked onto the bulletin board
un avis punaisé sur le tableau d'affichage

tack on

verb phrasaltack on [ ˈtæk ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to add an extra part
ajouter après coup

a final scene tacked on to the end of the movie
une scène finale ajoutée après coup à la fin du film


noun countabletack /tæk/
a short nail or a strong pin with a flat top
punaise feminine

advertisements attached to the wall with tacks
des annonces accrochées au mur avec des punaises
=method; a way of doing sth
tactique feminine

The second time, we took a different tack.
La seconde fois, nous avons adopté une tactique diffèrente.

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noun /tӕk/

a short nail with a broad flat head

a carpet tack.

in sewing, a large, temporary stitch used to hold material together while it is being sewn together properly.


in sailing, a movement diagonally against the wind

We sailed on an easterly tack.

a direction or course

voie, direction
After they moved, their lives took a different tack.



(of sailing-boats) to move diagonally (backwards and forwards) against the wind

tirer une/des bordée(s)
The boat tacked into harbour.

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