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verb transitivetackle /ˈtækəl/
to deal with a difficult problem
s'attaquer à

an attempt to tackle the problem of poverty in the U.S.
une tentative pour s'attaquer au problème de la pauvreté aux Etats-Unis
to use your body to push sb down to the ground
plaquer au sol

A policeman tackled him.
Un policier l'a plaqué au sol.
in soccer, to try to take the ball from a player


noun countabletackle /ˈtækəl/
the act of tackling sb with your body
plaquage masculine
in soccer, an attempt to get the ball from a player
tacle masculine

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noun /ˈtӕkl/

an act of tackling

a rugby tackle.

equipment, especially for fishing

fishing tackle.

ropes, pulleys etc for lifting heavy weights

appareil de levage
lifting tackle.

in sailing, the ropes, rigging etc of a boat

sailing tackle.



to deal with or try to solve (a problem); to ask (someone) about a problem

s’attaquer à; questionner
He tackled the problem
She tackled the teacher about her child’s work.

in football, hockey etc, to (try to) take the ball etc from (a player in the other team)

He tackled his opponent.

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