Übersetzung von “tag” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountag /tæg/
countable a small piece of paper, cloth, etc. attached to sth, giving information
étiquette feminine

a price tag
un prix

new students wearing name tags
des nouveaux étudiants qui portent des badges
uncountable a game in which one child runs to try to catch others
chat masculine

kids playing tag
des enfants qui jouent à chat


verb transitivetag /tæg/ ( tagging, tagged )
to put a tag on sth

Scientists tagged the birds to track their movements.
Les scientifiques étiquettent les oiseaux pour suivre leurs mouvements.

tag along

verb phrasaltag along [ ˈtæg əˈlɔŋ, əˈlɒŋ ]
to go with sb, especially when you are not wanted or needed
suivre , informal coller aux basques de qqn

She let her little brother tag along.
Elle a laissé son petit frère la suivre.

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noun /tӕɡ/

a label

a price tag
a name tag.

a saying or quotation that is often repeated

a well-known Latin tag.

something small that is added on or attached

a question tag such as ‘isn’t it?’

a children’s game in which one player chases the others and tries to touch one of them

jeu du chat perché
The kids are playing tag.
tag along (often with behind, or with)

to follow or go (with someone), often when one is not wanted

suivre, traîner derrière
We never get away from him – everywhere we go, he insists on tagging along (with us)!
tag on

(usually with ator to) to attach (something) to something

ajouter (après coup) (à)
These comments weren’t part of his speech – he just tagged them on at the end.

to follow (someone) closely

coller aux talons de
The child always tags on to his elder brother.

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