Übersetzung von “talk” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivetalk /tɔk/
to use words to communicate

The baby can't talk yet.
Le bébé ne sait pas encore parler.

We were talking about our vacation.
Nous parlions de nos vacances.

Who's that guy she's talking to?
Qui est ce garçon à qui tu parlais.

to talk on the phone
parler au téléphone
to discuss sth
parler , discuter

You two need to talk.
Vous devez discuter, tous les deux.

I decided to talk to my boss.
Je décidai de parler à mon patron.

Let's not talk business tonight.
Ne dicutons/parlons pas travail ce soir.
I'm/we're talking sth
spoken used to give an impressive or surprising example
il s'agit de qqch

She earns a lot. We're talking millions.
Elle gagne beaucoup. Il s'agit de millions.
talk about ...
informal tu parles / vous parlez de

Talk about lazy - she didn't even offer to help.
Tu parles d'une paresseuse ; elle n'a même pas proposé de donner un coup de main.
talk tough
to say sth to show how determined you are to do or change sth
se montrer inflexible

The governor has been talking tough about crime.
Le gouvernement s'est montré inflexible en ce qui concerne la criminalité.
you're (a fine) one to talk
used to say that sb does the same thing that they are criticizing sb else for doing
tu es mal place/-ée pour parler

"Why is he always late?" "You're one to talk - you just got here a minute ago!"
"Pourquoi est-il toujours en retard ?" Tu es mal placé pour parler ; tu viens d'arriver il y a une minute."

talk back

verb phrasaltalk back [ ˈtɔk ˈbæk ]
to answer rudely to sb in authority
répondre (avec insolence) à

Don't talk back to your father.
Ne réponds pas à ton père.

talk down to

verb phrasaltalk down to [ ˈtɔk ˈdaʊn ˌtu, tə ]
to treat sb as if they are less intelligent or important than you
parler avec condescendance à

My manager talks down to us.
Mon patron me parle avec condescendance.

talk into

verb phrasaltalk into [ ˈtɔk ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə ]
≠talk out of; to persuade sb to do sth

Mike talked me into going.
Mike m'a convaincu de venir.

talk out of

verb phrasaltalk out of [ ˈtɔk ˈaʊt ˌʌv, əv ]
≠talk into; to persuade sb not to do sth

His parents tried to talk him out of joining the military.
Ses parents ont essayé de le dissuader de s'engager dans l'armée.

talk over

verb phrasaltalk over [ ˈtɔk ˈoʊvər ]
to discuss sth
discuter de qqch

We talked it over, and decided to break up.
Nous en avons discuté et nous avons décidé de rompre.

Talk it over with your parents.
Discutez-en avec vos parents.

talk through

verb phrasaltalk through [ ˈtɔk ˈθru ]
to discuss different possibilities
exposer en détail

The bank talked us through all the options.
La banque nous a exposé en détail toutes les options.


nountalk /tɔk/
countable a discussion
discussion feminine , conversation feminine

I had a talk with my daughter about sex.
J'ai eu une discussion/conversation avec ma fille à propos du sexe.
countable a speech
exposé masculine

Professor Winston is giving a talk on 18th century England.
Le Professeur Winston fait un exposé sur l'Angleterre du 18ème siècle.
plural formal discussions or negotiations
pourparlers masculine plural

talks between management and the unions
des pourparlers entre la direction et les syndicats

the final round of the peace talks
la série finale des pourparlers de paix
words sb uses without actions to support them
paroles feminine plural en l'air

Unless you do something, it's just talk.
A moins que tu ne fasses quelque chose, ce ne sont que des paroles en l'air.
uncountable =rumors; information that may not be true
bavardages masculine plural , rumeurs feminine plural

There was talk in the office about a merger.
Il y avait des rumeurs au bureau à propos d'une fusion.

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verb /toːk/

to speak; to have a conversation or discussion

We talked about it for hours
My parrot can talk (= imitate human speech).

to gossip

You can’t stay here – people will talk!

to talk about

parler, discuter de
They spent the whole time talking philosophy.
talkative /ˈtoːkətiv/ adjective

talking a lot

a talkative person.
talking book noun

a book recorded on cassette or disc for blind people, for those with reading problems etc.

lecture enregistrée d’un livre
talking head noun

a TV personality.

présentateur, -trice
talking point noun

something to talk about; a subject, especially an interesting one

sujet de conversation
Football is one of the main talking points in my workplace.
talk show noun

(American ) a television or radio programme on which (usually famous) people talk to each other and are interviewed

He presents a talk show on the radio.
talking-to noun

a talk given to someone in order to scold, criticize or blame them

I’ll give that child a good talking-to when he gets home!
talk back (often with to)

to answer rudely

répondre (à)
Don’t talk back to me!
talk big

to talk as if one is very important; to boast

faire l’important
He’s always talking big about his job.
talk down to

to speak to (someone) as if he/she is much less important, clever etc

parler à qqn comme à un enfant
Children dislike being talked down to.
talk (someone) into / out of (doing)

to persuade (someone) (not) to do (something)

persuader qqn de
He talked me into changing my job.
talk over

to discuss

discuter (de)
We talked over the whole idea.
talk round

to persuade

I managed to talk her round.

to talk about (something) for a long time without reaching the most important point

tourner autour de
We talked round the question for hours.
talk sense/nonsense

to say sensible, or ridiculous, things

parler raison; dire des idioties
Don’t talk nonsense
I do wish you would talk sense.
talk shop

to talk about one’s work

parler boutique
We agreed not to talk shop at the party.



a lecture

The doctor gave us a talk on family health.


Her behaviour causes a lot of talk among the neighbours.

useless discussion; statements of things a person says he will do but which will never actually be done

paroles en l’air
There’s too much talk and not enough action.

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