Übersetzung von “tape” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountape /teɪp/
uncountable a long, thin strip of plastic that sound or images can be recorded onto
bande feminine
on tape
en cassette

We have the whole interview on tape.
Nous avons toute l'interview en cassette.
uncountable a long strip of plastic that is sticky on one side, used for attaching things
ruban masculine adhésif , scotch masculine

Use tape to stick the two pieces of paper together.
Utilise du ruban adhésif/scotch pour coller les deux feuilles de papier ensemble.
countable-uncountable a long, thin strip of material, plastic, etc.
ruban masculine

Police had put tape around the crime scene.
La police avait entouré la scène du crime d'un cordon.


verb transitivetape /teɪp/
to record sound or images onto tape

We taped the whole concert.
Nous avons enregistré tout le concert.
to attach sth using tape
scotcher , coller

Tape a label onto the front of the box.
Scotchez/collez une étiquette sur le devant de cette boîte..

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noun /teip/

(a piece of) a narrow strip or band of cloth used for tying etc

ruban, bande
bundles of letters tied with tape.

a piece of this or something similar, eg a string, stretched above the finishing line on a race track

fil d’arrivée
The two runners reached the tape together.

a narrow strip of paper, plastic, metal etc used for sticking materials together, recording sounds etc

ruban; bande
adhesive tape
insulating tape
I recorded the concert on tape.

a tape-measure.

mètre à ruban
tape measure nouns ( measuring tape)

a length of eg plastic, cloth or metal tape, marked with centimetres, metres etc for measuring.

mètre à ruban
tape recorder noun

a machine which records sounds on magnetic tape and reproduces them when required.

tape record verb

enregistrer au magnétophone
tape recording noun

enregistrement magnétique



to record (the sound of something) on tape

enregistrer (sur bande)
He taped the concert.

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