Übersetzung von “taste” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountaste /teɪst/
countable-uncountable the flavor sth has in your mouth
goût masculine , saveur feminine

a fruit with an unusual taste
un fruit qui a une saveur inhabituelle

the taste of mustard
le goût de moutarde
uncountable the ability to sense different flavors in your mouth

a very refined sense of taste
un sens du goût très développé
singular the act of trying sth to find out what flavor it has
dégustation feminine

Have a taste of this sauce - it's delicious.
Goûte un peu de cette sauce ; elle est délicieuse
singular a short period of trying an activity to find out if you like it or not
avant-goût masculine

a program designed to give participants a taste of life in the army
un programme conçu pour donner aux participants un avant-goût de la vie à l'armée
uncountable the ability to judge whether a piece of music, art, fashion, etc. is good or bad
goût masculine

He obviously has no taste whatsoever!
Manifestement, il n'a pas le moindre goût.
good/bad taste
bon/mauvais goût

a comedy show that is in very bad taste
un spectacle de comédie de très mauvais goût

She has good taste in shoes.
Elle a bon goût pour les chaussures.


verbtaste /teɪst/
to have a particular flavor in your mouth
avoir un goût de

candy that tastes like strawberries
des bonbons qui ont le goût de fraise

The soup tasted disgusting.
Cette soupe était vraiment écœurante.
transitive to put sth in your mouth to find out what flavor it has

Taste this, and tell me if you like it.
Goûtez ça et dites-moi si vous aimez.

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verb /teist/

to be aware of, or recognize, the flavour of something

goûter, sentir
I can taste ginger in this cake.

to test or find out the flavour or quality of (food etc) by eating or drinking a little of it

goûter (à)
Please taste this and tell me if it is too sweet.

to have a particular flavour or other quality that is noticed through the act of tasting

avoir un goût (de)
This milk tastes sour
The sauce tastes of garlic.

to eat (food) especially with enjoyment

I haven’t tasted such a delicious curry for ages.

to experience

He tasted the delights of country life.
tasteful adjective

showing good judgement or taste

de bon goût
a tasteful flower arrangement.
tastefully adverb

avec goût
tastefulness noun

(bon) goût
tasteless adjective

lacking flavour

fade, insipide
tasteless food.

showing a lack of good taste or judgement

de mauvais goût
tasteless behaviour.
tastelessly adverb

sans goût
tastelessness noun

absence/manque de goût

having a (particular kind of) taste

au goût (…)
a sweet-tasting liquid.
tasty adjective

having a good, especially savoury, flavour

tasty food.
tastiness noun

saveur agréable



the quality or flavour of anything that is known through this sense

This wine has an unusual taste.

an act of tasting or a small quantity of food etc for tasting

goûter (à)
Do have a taste of this cake!

a liking or preference

a taste for designer clothes
He has a strnge taste in music
Sally has expensive tastes.

the ability to judge what is suitable in behaviour, dress etc or what is fine and beautiful

She shows good taste in clothes
a man of taste
That joke was in good/bad taste.

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